Picture of Home Hub Bifold Doors

In short, yes. But that wouldn’t make a very long blog article, would it? So perhaps let’s look into just how and why bi-fold doors represent a good investment, and also some of the angles that you maybe haven’t considered.

Generally speaking, home improvements of any kind aren’t just done on a whim. As homeowners, we are thinking about several factors. Primarily, improving our living spaces, and in addition, adding value to our property.

Let’s talk about value

Realistically, adding bi-fold doors or windows to a room isn’t going to drastically increase the value of your property, but it will vastly improve its desirability when it comes to selling. This is an important angle to consider when upgrading or renovating your home. Large-scale projects such as extensions will of course add square footage and therefore value, but desirability is often overlooked when it comes to buying and selling.

In simple terms, by installing a feature such as a bi-fold door, you’re not only adding something desirable to the property, but you’re ticking something off a potential buyer’s to-do list. This is particularly relevant should your buyers be looking at moving somewhere that requires little improvement or maintenance (perhaps they’re a busy working couple, or they’re starting a family).

If you are significantly improving your home with an extension, the addition of bi-fold doors during that disruptive building work will certainly be a smart move then rather than later, and add to the overall quality and execution of the extension – again, a big tick when it comes to desirability.

Let’s talk about longevity

If you’re new here, then it’s our job to tell you the benefits of aluminium, of which there are many. In terms of the longevity of your investment, aluminium windows and door products bridge the gap that many other materials cannot. They are not only robust and high quality, but also incredibly low maintenance. They’re not susceptible to warping like uPVC frames, and they certainly won’t crack or deteriorate like you’d expect with traditional wooden frames.

Bi-fold doors and windows represent a smart, long-term investment where you don’t have to worry about things like corrosion, reaction or damage from our ever-changing weather system.

Let’s talk about the planet

More and more customers are making eco-conscious decisions, thinking about how their investment affects the environment. You could be forgiven for thinking that metal is nasty, world-ending stuff. But aluminium is the golden child of modern manufacturing materials, and presents several benefits when it comes to being a planet-friendly product.

Primarily, it’s infinitely recyclable. So chances are, your bi-fold doors may have been a Coke can in a previous life. It’s also lightweight, which means huge cost and fuel savings when it comes to transportation – not only from us to you, but in our logistics chain too.

Aluminium really is a modern marvel of a material. Of course, we are a little biassed here, but if you’d like to read more about how and why we use it, check out our recent blog.

Let’s talk about your bills

Because we haven’t been thinking about them enough lately, have we? It’s a difficult time for households across the country, and whilst energy prices are starting to stabilise, it’s a pivotal time for homeowners looking at ways to make long-term investments for immediate gains.

One such investment could be bi-fold doors or windows, which provide superb insulation. Tests the world over have shown that insulated aluminium can be up to four times more effective than brick, or stone masonry. Combined with its longevity, this seems like a sensible choice if you’re looking for a door or window solution that retains heat and keeps the cold out.

Finally, let’s talk about the wow factor

Of course, you’re going to want to show off your new installation once it’s all complete, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Typically, bi-fold doors are added to social areas of the home, such as a living room or a patio or deck. Friends and family will not only be in awe of your investment, but you’ll also know exactly what to say when they ask if it’s a good investment.

Whatever your reason for wanting to install bi-fold doors and windows, remember that you’re not just creating a talking point for next time you fire up the barbecue (oh, summer, where have you gone?), but you’re also vastly improving your property, the planet and the efficiency of your home.

What’s not to love?