Aluminium is a bit of an unsung hero when it comes to modern day materials. It’s all around us – in the products we use, the houses we live in and even the cars we drive. But it goes mostly unseen. That’s not to say it’s unimportant. In fact, aluminium has revolutionised many industries, ours included, and is the most abundant metal naturally found on Earth.

So, is aluminium popular because of its availability?

Not quite. To understand its popularity, we must first look at its properties.

Aluminium is durable, flexible and lightweight

At one third the density of steel, aluminium is more durable and flexible, which makes it more suitable for manufacturing in which significant moulding is required. In our case, it becomes the perfect metal for casting door and window frames. Additionally, it is light-weight, which has benefits throughout the supply chain such as lower logistics costs and easier on-site handling.

Aluminium is strong, resistant and insular

Despite its humble existence, aluminium is still strong, and in many cases can be as strong as steel at just a third of its weight.

It is corrosion resistant, thanks to its natural oxide coating which provides a protective barrier not only against the elements, but other metals too. That said, any exterior or interior facing parts that we supply are generally powder coated, so you wouldn’t expect to see raw aluminium on the exterior of any of our doors or windows.

In terms of insulation, a layer of insulated aluminium cladding can be up to four times more effective than brick, stone masonry or cladding. 

Aluminium is recyclable 

As our world changes, the sustainability of the building materials we use is becoming increasingly important. Aluminium really steals the show here, being 100% recyclable, using just 5% of the energy used to make the original product. It’s said that almost all aluminium used in construction is recycled.

With a manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 years on most of our products, bifold doors generally live a long and sustainable life, particularly in residential builds where major renovations are more infrequent.

Aluminium is safe and efficient

We can class aluminium as non-combustible as it does not burn (and the melting point is a staggering 600ºC if you’re interested!) It also holds great thermal properties, which is fantastic when it comes to doors and windows. Aluminium can reduce heat transmission by almost 10ºC due to its excellent insulation properties, which helps to control heating costs and thermal bridging in properties.

Aluminium is low maintenance 

With other metals being reactive or needing the occasional buff, aluminium remains extremely low maintenance. In fact, all you really need to do is keep your windows clean!

Building it bespoke

It’s safe to say that aluminium has revolutionised many industries and products, offering a lightweight and flexible material that can be counted on for its availability and equally its safety. But on its own, it’s not much good to you or I. Combined with good quality glass, only then is it ready for commercial and residential application as a bespoke door or window. The extras matter too, from safety features such as finger safe seals, or colour options, of which we have over 150, it’s these finishing touches that make the product suitable for your needs as a customer.

What begins its life as a truly incredible metal finds a new purpose as a beautiful bifold door in your home or business. So next time you’re gazing out your window, don’t forget to look at the window frame too – a marvel of modern day manufacturing, if we say so ourselves.