Windows and Doors from Home Hub

Some say you can see the UK’s double-glazing market from space. There’s absolutely no shortage of companies throughout the country willing to sell you doors and windows, and with so much choice, it can be difficult to know what to look for.

We’ve talked previously about how we differentiate ourselves by never, ever using pushy sales tactics and how our products can improve your quality of life. But what about the more tangible aspect of doors and windows – the doors and windows themselves? What should you be looking for?

High-quality materials

The majority of our products are made from aluminium. This material is incredibly well-suited to bifold doors and windows due to its strength, light weight and infinite recyclability. Aluminium is also safe (as a non-combustible) and incredibly low maintenance. So no more warping or grubby uPVC frames!

Energy efficiency

Keeping heat locked into our homes has never been so important. Our windows are energy efficient, not only due to their high quality glazing, but also the impressive insulative properties of aluminium. Did you know that a single layer of insulated aluminium cladding can be up to four times more effective than brick?


All of our products, whether doors or windows, are built with security in mind. From strong, sturdy frames to our five point locking systems that are anti-bump and anti-pick, a Home Hub product is reassuringly secure.


Bifold are particularly versatile in their functionality. We can provide doors with integrated blinds and even integrated draining, doors that open from the corner, finger safe seals to keep little hands safe, and flush tracks to create a seamless transition to the outside.


Gone are the days of bulky, unsightly uPVC window frames. Our doors and windows are slimline, with a 94mm sightline range and optional steel look astragal bar. We also offer over 140 colours, and seals to match. We can even colour match your hardware.

Now, we could go on and on about how great our products are and how happy our customers are too. But really, seeing is believing. The best way to understand the quality of our doors and windows is to visit one of our showrooms. No sales tactics, no pressure to buy, just a warm welcome and an opportunity to look and touch. Fingers off the glass though please!