Bifold Doors from Home Hub

Okay, we tell a lie. We have three ranges when it comes to bifold doors. This blog will briefly explain the differences and what specific terms mean. Of course, your choices will always come down to your taste, property and budget.

By splitting our ranges three ways, we hope to offer something for everyone, with prices ranging from £1,800 to £2,800 and customisable options such as colourways, frame size and cleverly integrated features.

Our ‘Essentials’ range

This is our ‘entry level’ bifold range. But don’t let that phrase put you off. Essentials bifolds still offer the same level of quality as our premium range but with a more slimline set of features.

The essentials range offers a 120mm sightline. In layman’s terms, that’s a 12cm frame. Or at least the bit of the frame that you can see when looking at the door straight-on. The doors are available in four colours; white, anthracite grey or jet black, and are available with colour-coded hardware (that’s the handles).

Our ‘Vision’ range

The vision range offers a 94mm sightline, which is a significant reduction compared to the Essentials range. A smaller sightline is great if your home is modern and minimal and also allows you to maximise your glass area.

Where the Vision range really pops is our choice of colours. Not 10. Not 50. Not even 100. We offer these doors in an impressive 150 colours, a great way to truly customise and match other elements of your home, such as feature walls or external render. And yes, you can colour-code your hardware here too!

Our ‘Premium’ range

Our premium bifold doors differ significantly from both the Essentials range and the Vision range. Whilst they’re not quite as low profile as the Vision, at 110mm, they do boast several upgrades such as stainless steel hardware, finger-safe gaskets (good for keeping the little ones out of harm) and an eight-point locking system rather than five, with an additional three-star Ultion lock cylinder.

The Premium range also comes with a 20 years manufacturer's warranty (as opposed to the 10 years found on our Essentials and Vision range) as well as the option to colour code your seals to match any of our 150 colourways.

The biggest difference is the moving corner option. This is where the bifold door can open from the corner and be pushed away, leaving a ‘floating’ effect from the two perpendicular walls above. This is a real showstopper and a unique way to really open your inside space to the outside.

Custom options for all ranges

There are some superb add-ons for bifold doors that improve functionality, and the good news is that these are available across all ranges.

These include a flush track for a seamless transition to your outside space, steel look astragal bars (these are lines within the glass that mimic traditional windows), integrated drainage and even integrated blinds.

There’s a lot to take in here, and it can be challenging to understand exactly which of these features may benefit you. So if you have any questions about our ranges or our optional add-ons, why not give us a call or visit one of our showrooms for a warm welcome and a friendly chat?