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Make your home safer, quieter and brighter with Home Hub’s range of luxury long-lasting windows. Favourites of designers and homeowners alike, these quality windows are perfect for homes of all styles and built with both elegance and economy in mind.
Our extensive range of Scenic and Serenity windows can be created with your exact vision in mind, with customisable features such as:
Product type
Number of panels
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Windows Epping
Windows Epping
Windows Epping

Scenic Windows

Scenic windows are one of the most popular and stylish collections of windows in the UK, and proudly sourced from a local family business with years of creating quality artisan windows. With a Green Guide A rating, these fashionable frames are as energy efficient as they are attractive. They require virtually no maintenance during their long lifespan, saving you electricity while you take in the new scenic views. Discover the specs for Scenic windows below:
  • 70mm PVCu (100% Virgin extrusion) Multi-Chambered window
  • Internal glazing with 28mm units or optional 40mm triple glazed units
  • Standard 'A' Energy Rating on all colours
  • Scenic window frames are manufactured to PAS 24 with precision CNC machinery
  • All windows are fitted with multi-point 'opposing cams' and hinge excluders as a standard feature
  • Key locking standard cranked handles
  • Standard fire escape hinges to side hung sashes
  • Windows have Secure By Design (SBD) accreditation if specified

Serenity windows

The Serenity windows are a must-have for modern homes. Their clean, sleek aesthetic and sturdy aluminium frame offer durability and contemporary style in equal measure. More than just an aesthetic, the Serenity collection is Green Guide Rated A, ensuring your home is stylish, well insulated and helps the planet. Discover more about the Serenity window features below:
  • 58mm Aluminium extrusion with thermal break
  • Slim Sightline (over 30% more visible glass than a typical UPVC window)
  • Internal glazing with 28mm units or optional 32mm triple glazed units
  • Green Guide Rated A
  • Serenity 58BW ST window frames are manufactured to PAS 24 and Secured by Design
  • All windows are fitted with multi-point locking systems
  • Key locking standard inline handles
  • Standard fire escape hinges to side hung sashes

The @WrightyHome Project

Follow Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan's journey as they create their dream home with the help of HomeHub.
We're helping them to realise their vision of a stunning Georgian home with our luxury range of windows.
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Windows Epping - Inline Slider

Our Essex Lifestyle Showroom

It can be tricky to visualise what your upgraded home might look like. You can browse through as many pictures of luxury windows and doors as you like, but actually imagining them in your house is a different thing entirely. That’s where our Essex lifestyle showroom comes in.

Located in Epping, our expertly designed showroom lets you immerse yourself in the world of home improvements with our outstanding range of windows for you to explore. See our UK-based, industry-leading products with your own eyes and have a hands-on experience testing them out. That way, you can leave our Epping lifestyle showroom confident that you’re making the right choice for your home.

Here's a full list of products available to view in our Epping showroom:

Book an appointment at our Essex Showroom

Nobody wants to feel hounded and pressured into making a decision, especially when it’s about something as personal as our homes. At Home Hub, we always ensure our customers are at the heart of the conversation and have total control over their experience. Prefer to be left to wander around the showroom by yourself? Not a problem. Want one of our experts to give you the full guide? Can do. No matter what your preference is, we’re happy to help in any capacity.

When it's time to visit our Epping showroom, we have a couple things we’d advise you bring to make the most of your experience as possible: architectural plans, a couple photos of your home, approximate sizes and a list of questions are all hugely helpful for our salespeople to help you pick your perfect products. Our team of experts are on hand to assist you in any way you’d like - from help with choosing designs that match your home to finding the right products for your budget.

Eager to see the finished result? Bring along photos of your home and our experts can create a digital overlay of the product in the space.

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