Home Hub Windows and Doors

On our website, we proudly declare ‘No Sales People’. It’s true – we don’t hire salespeople or use ‘salesy’ tactics when it comes to interacting with potential customers. Why do we (or more accurately, why don’t we) do this?

We’ve talked previously about how we differentiate ourselves by never, ever using pushy sales tactics and how our products can improve your quality of life. But what about the more tangible aspect of doors and windows – the doors and windows themselves? What should you be looking for?

  1. The traditional sales model is outdated

    We believe that service and sales have come a long way since the showrooms of the nineties. Customers now have access to online sources such as reviews, videos and testimonials, which means they’re more informed than ever before.

    When a customer walks into our showroom, we know why they’re there, and they know what they know. For us, it’s about respecting the customer and not pressuring you to make a quick sale, or worse still, scare you off!
  1. Our products speak for themselves

    We’ve invested significant time and money into our showrooms. They really are a home-from-home. Visitors are free to explore our lifestyle rooms, which showcase our wide range of windows, sliding doors, front doors, bifold doors, origin bifold doors and rooflights.

    We are confident in our products and believe in the concept of ‘seeing is believing’. And, if you do want to speak to somebody about our windows, including any questions about pricing, options or installation, we have advisors (and fresh coffee) on-hand.
  1. By appointment only

    All of this said, book visits by appointment only. This is proof alone that our advisors aren’t sales people ready to pounce on any visitor. Instead, when not servicing in-person customers, they’re responding to online queries or working with our customer services and installation teams to ensure that all of our orders are running smoothly.
  1. Windows salespeople perceptions

    Unfortunately, this stereotype still exists! And it’s something we’ve actively set out to avoid since day one. We don’t do false discounts, sales spiel or jargon. Instead, you’ll be offered a chat with straight-forward, practical advice, tips and guidance from our team of specialists who understand the Home Hub culture and values that we all work so hard to uphold.
  1. It’s all about the details

    Rather than swamping you with stats, facts and us, us, us, we like to make these visits about you. A Home Hub appointment is a great opportunity for us to look over your architectural plans, calculate approximate sizes, and even review photos of your home if you’re happy sharing them.

    We can then guide you on the products that best complement the character of your property, and offer the best value for money. We will then provide you with instant prices before you go away. We can even provide a realistic render of the new products on your existing property to help you visualise the final install and make the right choice.

    Also, feel free to bring your children! We have a dedicated kids area so you can relax knowing that they’re not running amok.

Now, we could go on and on about how great our products are and how happy our customers are too. But really, seeing is believing. The best way to understand the quality of our doors and windows is to visit one of our showrooms. No sales tactics, no pressure to buy, just a warm welcome and an opportunity to look and touch. Fingers off the glass though please!

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