Aluminium Sliding Doors
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Aluminium Sliding Doors

The Sliding Door offers the optimum blend of functionality and aesthetics; providing a widescreen view of your world. Impressively large glass panels supported by sleek aluminium profile creates a minimalist look that’s both stunning and practical. Offering a maximum panel size of up to 3m tall by 4m wide, your views will be maximised and natural light will give an increased sense of space. The aluminium sliding door has become the latest trend in home improvement. It offers uninterrupted views and smooth gliding operation. At Home Hub Group we supply and install 6 different market leading sliding doors. Furthermore we have huge buying power so we can promise to give you unbeatable prices.

Inline Slider or Lift and Slide Doors?

The sliding door is available in two different operations. The most popular is the inline sliding door. This operates like a typical sliding door and benefits from having very slim sightlines. The lift & slide door has a long handle which when rotated lifts the doors up off the track and provides a very smooth sliding operation. Both systems can be seen and operated in our showroom so you can see the benefit of each system.
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Which Sliding Door Brand?

We provide a wide range of sliding doors that cater for every type of installation. We have a number of doors on display in different configurations to help you decide which door is best for you.


  • Edgeglide Inline Sliding Door

    Unbelievably great value and a real favourite for anyone interested in slim sightlines at a fraction of the cost. This door has a 42mm interlock (vertical aluminium profile often referred to as sightline)

  • AluK Inline Sliding Door

    Often purchased to match other AluK windows & doors as it is a nicely suited system. The profile is slightly on the chunky side compared to the other systems.

  • Smart Visoglide Plus Inline Sliding Door

    Another popular door in the UK market. The Smart Systems door has a slim 35mm interlock but that does have its limitations on size and most often that not has a reinforced profile that bulks the external face of the frame.

  • Air Lift & Slide Door

    This door has been admired by customers for its smooth glide mechanism and modern stainless steel hardware. This door also benefits from a 25 Year Guarantee, which is the longest available on the market. The Air door does have thicker profiles to house the lift & slide mechanism.

  • NEW! Origin Inline Sliding Door

    The demand for an Origin sliding door has been huge and finally it is here! Another fantastic product from a top UK based manufacturer. The Origin door has beautifully crafted hardware and is supported by the typical 20 year Origin Guarantee. The sightline is currently 77mm but there will be a 44mm slim interlock to follow shortly. Watch this space!

  • Vision Line Inline Sliding Door

    The future is Vision Line. This has the slimmest sightline available today at just 20mm at every profile. The door can be locked by an electrically operated halo button or by a hidden manual lock operated from the inside.


Sliding Door Installation

Our clients would typically choose our dedicated installers to carry out the installation for a product of this size and weight. Our installers have been trained by each brand and have the experience to have the job done in no time. Our workmanship is guaranteed and all replacement doors will come with a FENSA certificate & Insurance Backed Guarantee. We cover the Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxford, Greater London, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent & Essex areas.
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